Easily Missed Areas That Really Need to be Cleaned Regularly In The Office

Out of sight out of mind  is a an old truth that is very relevant when it comes to office cleaning.  Things may look clean and tidy at first glance, but is your office hiding the dirt in dark out of the way places?  A superficial cleaning job may fool casual visitors, but office workers will be subjected to the dangers of an unhygienic workplace constantly.  They will notice those out of the way places that escape your first glance.  Not only will their health be put at risk, but morale will also be affected.

It pays to have a cleaning program that regularly addresses those out of the way places that attract grime and germs.

Here are some critical cleaning areas that are easily missed.

  • Phones are notorious dirt and germ traps.  Landline phones attract dust and are used by multiple people daily.  Keypads and handsets build up grease and harbour germs.  Regular wiping with a disinfected cloth will combat this.
  • Door and Window Handles.  Are subject to constant use.  Without sanitisation these everyday items can transmit germs between office workers easily.  One way to reduce the risk of contamination is to place some sanitising liquid prominently outside your office doors.  Instruct your workers to use the liquid when entering the office – ensure that you explain why you want them to do this and get buy in for the practice.
  • Keyboards, Mouse, CPU and Desktops are all subject to constant use and are inclined to trap dirt, dust and other debris.  They often don;t look dirty, but office keyboards for example have been found to hold more germs than a toilet seat.
  • Under Workstations Many cursory cleans never  get to these out of the way places.  Dust and office rubbish tend to accumulate in these places.

Cleaning these areas will result in a healthier cleaner workplace with all the resultant advantages including , less sick days, better morale and greater productivity.  The question  is how do you ensure that these out of the way nooks and crannies are regularly and consistently cleaned?

Engaging a commercial cleaning company that can be relied upon to perform cleaning to  set specifications at a high standard is the best answer.  Envy Cleaning Solutions have a proven history of reliability and quality.  Our office cleaners are trained to clean offices thoroughly and efficiently.

Call Envy Cleaning Solutions today to discuss your  office cleaning requirements.  We’re waiting to clean your office.

Outsourcing Cleaning to Professionals Drives Efficiency

Outsourcing is a buzzword in today’s economy. The benefits of engaging professional help to perform specific tasks delivers can deliver better returns and allows your to focus entirely on the things that really matter in your business. Outsourcing works for all business models and is particularly suited to commercial cleaning requirements.

In house cleaning programs require added on costs of training, annual leave, supervision, superannuation among other costs. They also rely heavily upon one or two people to deliver consistent quality. There simply isn’t enough scope to cover all contingencies. Inevitably, businesses that you in house cleaners will experience peaks and troughs in cleaning output, regardless of the individuals involved. 

When you outsource your cleaning duties to a professional organisation not only do you remove the hidden costs of in house cleaning but you also remove the hassles associated with managing and organising its day to day operations.
To be clear there are three critical efficiency benefits associated with outsourcing commercial cleaning.

1. Your Profitability Improves. There is no greater test of a business action than the impact it has on the all important bottom line. There will be no more expenses associated with cleaning supplies or equipment nor the staff add ons like workers compensation, insurance, superannuation and training. There will be one agreed cost. Cleaning. It’s a simple predictable equation.

2. Your business focus improves. Let the cleaning company focus on cleaning while you and your team focus on the things that matter to your business. With improved focus comes better output and hopefully more income.

3. Improves team morale. This works in two ways. The reduced effort required by the business owner in managing cleaning duties will help improve sharpen their mind. Employees will respond to a better, cleaner environment that has been professionally cleaned. People respond well to being treated well. Providing the best possible environment for them to work in is sure to grab their attention.

All too often, when businesses speak of improving efficiency, they are limited to thinking in terms of cost cutting, rather than undertaking practices that will improve overall performance. Outsourcing cleaning duties not only will cut costs, it will help to lift your team’s overall performance.

Envy Cleaning Solutions are a well respected commercial cleaning company capable of servicing your company’s cleaning requirements. Give us a call today to discuss your cleaning requirements.

The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning of Windows

The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning of Windows

Engaging a commercial window cleaner like Envy Cleaning Solutions is a critical strategy in your business health and safety program.   Window cleaners will assist you to maintain hygiene in your office and other workspaces.  Professional window cleaners possess the necessary skills and equipment to perform window cleaning in an efficient and safe manner.  Here are five key befits of using commercial window cleaning.

  1. Helps to Enhance Productivity.
    Employees need to focus on their core responsibilities.  Allocating cleaning tasks to them will reduce their overall effectiveness and maybe even sew some seeds of discontent. Engaging a commercial cleaner to take care of window cleaning responsibilities allows your people to do what they do best.Envy Solutions appreciate the underlying motivational impact that a clean workplace can have upon workers.  A clean workplace with little clutter and clean windows helps to put your people in a good frame of mind as soon as they get to work.
  2. Helps Promote Health
    A clean workplace is a healthy workplace.  Dirty windows not only help to affect mood, they can harbour some nasty germs.  People are likely to come into contact with window surfaces from time to time.  Reduce health risks by having windows cleaned regularly.
  3. Safety
    Why put your employees at risk when you can engage a professional who knows how to clean windows inside and out using safe methods?  Envy Cleaning Solutions cleaners are provided with the right equipment and training to perform window cleaning tasks in a safe and efficient manner.
  4. Maintains a Professional Image
    First impressions count and the appearance o your office will be the first thing a prospective client notices.  You can’t get away from the feeling that a business that hasn’t got time to take care of its presentation, probably won’t have time to treat its customers properly.
    Clean windows go a long way to making a great first impression.  Don;t leave first impressions to chance – engage a commercial window cleaner to ensure your windows project a sophisticated orderly image.
  5. Meets Maintenance Requirements
    Regular cleaning of windows will assist in meeting any lease requirement and also allow you to be alerted to any critical maintenance issues like broken windows and faulty locks.

Remove the onerous task of window cleaning and engage a commercial window cleaner to deliver professional looking clean windows for you.  Call Envy Cleaning Solutions today to discuss  all of tour commercial cleaning requirements

Keep It Clean With Pressure Washing

It’s easy to forget that the exterior of your premises including the facades, walkways and parking areas are integral parts of of an office’s premises. The entrance must be clean and tidy or prospective customers are likely to form a negative opinion of your business long before they catch site of your sparkling office interior.

Walkways and parking areas are veritable dust traps and can accumulate thick layers of dirt daily. Some of these can be quite large so it is impractical to clean them with traditional methods.

Keeping the exterior of your business spic and span can be a daunting task.  In some cases, it may even present some OH&S issues.  One way to give the outside of your business a bit of a facelift is to engage the services of a pressure washing firm.

The advantages of pressure washing are many – Here is a short but not exhaustive list

  1. Its a time saver  Commercial businesses can rapidly get a run down dilapidated fell about them unless they’re constantly maintained and cleaned.  You can save  a high amount of time by instigating a regular exterior pressure washing program.
  2. Your business premises are going to look more appealing.  There is no greater advertisement for your business than a clean business premises that invites the prospective customer to look further rather than just scurry by.
  3. More hygienic.    No one likes being near a place full of germs.  Regular Pressure Washing will reduce the amount of germs around your business. Mildew won’t be allowed to get a foothold on your building face or rooftop.   Not only do these germs look unsightly they can smell quite atrocious.   Pressure washing eliminates them.
  4. Reduces risk of injury.  There’s no need to climb ladders or use heavy equipment.

Pressure washing removes the thickest layer of dirt immediately, making your premises look brand new and clean. It is a cleaning method that is best used periodically depending upon the amount of dirt your proposed cleaning areas are likely to accumulate on daily basis.

Childcare Facility Maintenance Check list

Childcare Facility Maintenance Check list

It is imperative for childcare facilities to maintain their facilities in as close to pristine condition as possible.  Childcare facilities have an obvious duty of care to the children that they care as well as a need to present the best possible image to parents and employees.

Childcare facilities are typically large areas that require vigilance and regular cleaning.  The best strategy when it comes  to maintaining the childcare facility is to adopt a maintenance check list covering all areas listed below.

External Maintenance

The outside appearance of the childcare facility creates an important first impression.  To ensure that it is in the best possible condition regular inspections of the following elements should be undertaken.

  • Check roofs for wear and tear that could result in leakages occurring.
  • Periodic pressure washing of walls to be undertaken as required.
  • External cleaning of windows – dusting on a daily basis and washing as required.

Constant vigilance in relation to these matters will ensure that your building exterior looks in good condition as well as prolonging the building’s maintenance life.

Internal Maintenance

Naturally, all childcare facilities should adopt a daily cleaning program.  This check list covers some of the items that may not necessarily be cleaned in a normal cleaning regime.

  • Implement pest control.  Make sure that you have a system in place to prevent rodents and other creatures from gaining access.
  • Electrical appliances should be cleaned as well as serviced regularly.    Particular care needs to be taken with these items to ensure safety at all times.
  • Air conditioning units should be serviced regularly.
  • If water purifiers are installed they should be regularly cleaned to ensured bacteria and fungi are prevented form growing in the system.
  • Toilet areas are of particular concern in child care facilities and steps should be taken to ensure regular cleaning of these areas is undertaken throughout the day.

Cleaning goes hand in hand with maintenance of your childcare facility and the task is quite large.  Engaging a commercial cleaning company like Envy Cleaning Solutions will help you to keep your child care facility in excellent shape.  We understand what is required to maintain and service your facility so that your staff, children and parents alike will feel comfortable and safe when visiting your center.

Melbourne Restaurant Cleaning

Melbourne Restaurant Cleaning

The primary focus of all restaurant staff is to provide and serve excellent food.  At peak hours, restaurants are high traffic places filled with demanding customers. In such demanding times it is most difficult for staff to attend to cleanliness and hygiene.

In these situations, the need for a Commercial Cleaning Services becomes apparent. There are many professional cleaning companies within Melbourne that can provide proficient services that will deliver clean and hygienic restaurants.

Restaurants in Melbourne must meet  certain standards and regulations in order to operate. Besides meeting the basic standards of cleanliness and hygiene, restaurants should be aiming to stand over and above their competitors in terms of cleanliness – giving customers customers that extra confidence in the food quality being served. Commercial Cleaning Professionals like Envy Cleaning Solutions can be relied upon to be  highly knowledgeable and to be able to take care of every large and small cleaning  requirement.

Let us outline a few items that professional cleaners  can be relied upon to look after when it come to restaurant cleaning –

•Floor cleaning- Not surprisingly, floors get a real workout in restaurants. Spillages not cleaned instantly may stick to the floor surface, potentially causing bad odours in the restaurant or permanently staining the floor.  These unsightly smelly messes  may attract flies and other nasty  germs.  This can drag down the whole atmosphere within the restaurant. Professional services can be relied upon to clean the floors as and when required, avoiding bad odours and maintaining hygiene.

•Washbasins- The high traffic impact of many customers using washbasins prior to and after eating  food, can cause the washbasins to become dirty very quickly.  It is a good strategy to arrange for  washbasins to be cleaned several times throughout the day.

•Exhaust fans– The requirement to keep exhaust fans operational at all times while the restaurants are operating causes them to get dirty quickly. This creates an operational risk – unless they are  cleaned and maintained regularly, the fans will start to malfunction  causing  additional repair and replacement costs. Additionally. Poorly operating exhaust fans will increase the likelihood of bad odours and heat  emanating from within the kitchen – thereby increasing discomfort and  potential occupational health and safety issues. Professional cleaners can analyse and recommend a proper cleaning and maintenance program for your exhaust fans, which should help to increase their efficiency and operational life.
Regardless of how good the food is, ultimately the success of the restaurant can be determined by the maintenance of hygiene within the restaurant space.

Envy Cleaning Solutions can provide you with professional restaurant cleaning services that you need to present your restaurant to the world.

Maintain  Consistent Standards With Professional Strata Cleaning

Maintain  Consistent Standards With Professional Strata Cleaning  

Keeping a residential strata block clean is no easy task. There are heaps of factors to take into consideration and how cleaning is done will be dependent upon the size and structure of the building itself as well as the systems in place within those buildings.
If you are responsible for maintaining a strata, you need to ensure that the whole strata is maintained at the same standard and that’s where you can count on a professional  Strata Cleaning Service like Envy Cleaning Solutions.
Our professional  team possess the know how and tools required to properly clean all types of strata. Our cleaning program will ensure that you get the results that you desire across the whole of your strata property.
As standard operating procedure, the team at Envy Cleaning Solutions will perform the following tasks –

•Standard cleaning tasks such as vacuuming, sweeping and mopping dirt away from the floor areas and windows.

• Regular cleaning of all the bins and recommending the right disposal methods for all types of waste.

• A regular planned exterior surface cleaning of all surfaces of the building including windows.

•Maintenance of air conditioning systems. This is a vital activity that can involve complex machinery. Maintenance of air conditioning units is necessary to ensure the comfort of all strata building residents.

•In large strata buildings, the maintenance and cleaning of tiles can prove to be a challenging task. Our methods and expertise combined with our tools will ensure that these important elements of your building are kept looking like new.

•Car park cleaning.  Car parks can attract huge amounts of dirt and grime. Our latest model cleaning equipment will assist you to keep the car parks  clean.

•Pressure cleaning.  This activity requires expert operators to do the best job. All large strata buildings require regular pressure cleaning. Our people are trained to use pressure cleaning tools in the most efficient manner.

Envy Cleaning Solutions has the well earned reputation of being the most reliable and professional  Strata cleaning service in Melbourne. Our commitment and years of experience will help you to attain standardised outcomes, providing you with the flexibility of made-to-order cleaning plans. Our solutions will always be tailored to your requirements and take into account your budgetary requirements.

If you are looking for assistance in maintaining your strata, then call Envy Cleaning Solutions now  and we will be happty to arrange a consultation with you.

invest In Cleaning To Safeguard Your Business

invest In Cleaning To Safeguard Your Business

In an increasingly competitive business environment cost cutting is one measure that businesses take to maintain profitability.  While maintaining strict control over expenditure is always a good business policy, it is easy to be a penny wise and a pound foolish when it comes to pruning cleaning costs.

At first glance it may seem a reasonable strategy to cut back on cleaning, but less cleaning will mean that your business premises over time will deteriorate in it’s look and feel.  First impressions count and you want to ensure that your business presentation does not put you behind the eight ball from the start.  Consistent regular maintenance not only keeps your premises looking good, it also helps prevent nasty surprises that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Once material rots or wears it has to be replaced.  Regular cleaning helps to prevent this from happening.

Similarly, some companies may look to cut costs on cleaning materials, opting for cheaper cleaning products.  This could well prove to be a grave mistake.  Cheaper cleaning products may cause permanent damage to surfaces.  Great care is required in this area.

So, cleaning should not be viewed simply as an expense, but rather as an investment in the presentation of your business.

Once you begin to look at cleaning this light, you will see ways that you can save money while getting a better return on your investment.  Rather than consistently outlay money for staff, materials and equipment you can opt to engage a commercial cleaner to take care of all your cleaning requirements.  This investment has several advantages.

  • There is one line item cost – cleaning.  It is an agreed amount based upon agreed outcomes.
  • You have certainty that cleaning standards will be maintained.  The cleaning company will provide professional cleaners that are trained to deliver the required standard.  You will never have to worry about sick days, recruiting or training.  These hidden costs are removed from your business.
  • You can be confident that all materials used meet all OHS standards and requirements.
  • Your premises will be consistently maintained at a professional standard.

Short term cleaning cost cutting exercises often provide some short term gains.  However, the underlying  costs associated with these measures may far outweigh the initial benefits.  To properly gauge whet your cleaning requirements are and how they can be delivered in the most efficient way possible, the best strategy is to seek the advice of a professional cleaning company.

Proper cleaning of your business helps you to present the best possible image to your clientele, staff and suppliers.  In business your image/brand is one of your key assets.  Investing in cleaning will help you to protect your image.

The Entrance Mat Is Your Office’s Front Line Dirt Defender

The Entrance Mat Is Your Office’s Front Line Dirt Defender

Here’s a fun fact. According to studies conducted by the World Cleaning Association, more than 80% of all dirt affecting facilities enters via foot traffic – on the soles of your workers and customers shoes. One simple way to reduce the amount of dirt and contaminants entering your workplace is to place an entrance mat at all your entrances.

While this won’t remove the need for office cleaning it will reduce the amount of debris being tramped into your workplace and therefore make it a healthier and cleaner place to work.  Here are the clear benefits of installing welcome mats at all your entrances besides the obvious one of reducing dirt.

  • Rain no longer becomes an issue.  Entrance mats encourage visitors to wipe their shoes prior to entering, thereby reducing the instances of water and mud being transported into your dry areas.
  • While being useful, they also serve as a feature.  Entrance mat’s don’t have to be dull and boring, you can use them to accentuate your brand, match your colour schemes and even carry subtle advertising messages.
  • Reduces slippage risks.  Strategically placed mats can help prevent and reduce the instances of slipping.  Some business and industries are more prone to the risk of slippage than others, but any action taken to improve safety is a positive one.
  • Reduce Floor Damage.  There’s no higher foot traffic area than an entrance and high foot traffic will result in wear and tear.  Mats protect your floors as well as trap dirt.
  • Some mats can actually kill bacteria.  There is a process where some mats can be infused with microbe combating power.  Not only will this help keep your place looking clean it will rid your workplace of many of those nasty organisms that can cause genuine health concerns.

Presentation as well as occupational health and safety issues should be at the forefront of all business owner’s minds.  Man thousands of dollars are spent on maintaining a clean business.  Prevention is always better than cure and to that end, a simple low cost investment in some sturdy welcome mats is going to pay for itself many times over – as these mats act as your businesses first line of defence against dirt, mud and dangerous micro-organisms.

To discuss all your commercial cleaning requirements give Envy Cleaning Solutions a call today

Look Up! Are Your Ceiling Tiles Being Cleaned Properly?

Look Up! Are Your Ceiling Tiles Being Cleaned Properly?

At first glance, most of us see floors and walls in a workplace.  If they look clean and tidy the workplace must be clean and tidy -right?


Workplace ceilings are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning and they’re overlooked at the business owner’s peril.  Dirty ceilings can create bad impressions for customers, staff and suppliers alike.

Of particular concern are ceiling tiles.  Cleaning isn’t a simple matter of a wash and paint.  A specialised approach is required.

Over time ceiling tiles can become grubby as dirt and grime will build up on their surface.  They look bad and worse still can badly affect the quality of air in the workplace.

Many businesses choose to replace ceiling tiles when they reach this state.  However, a far more economical choice in most cases is to simply have them cleaned by a professional cleaner.

Ceiling tiles grow dirty over time as air circulation driven by air conditioning systems drives millions of suits particles across the ceiling constantly.  Even so, ceiling tiles will generally only need to be cleaned  properly once every two to three years.

Envy Cleaning Solutions have the expertise to professionally clean your ceiling tiles when required.  However,  we advise that some regular cleaning maintenance can help to keep ceiling tiles looking good for longer periods than otherwise would occur.  These simple maintenance steps include:

  • Brushing and vacuuming tiles will help remove obvious dirt traces.  This is best done by professionals as they will take the necessary steps to protect all office furniture and fittings from the dirt and dust that may fall to ground.
  • Small stains can be touched up with paints specifically designed for the purpose
  • Heavy duty ceiling areas – like commercial kitchens need special treatment and will most likely require cleaning using some form of detergent.
  • Air conditioning vents are a constant source of dust and germs.  Regular cleaning of these areas will assist in keeping the ceiling tiles looking better for longer.

Envy Cleaning Solutions know how to safely clean your ceiling tiles.  Our team of expert staff have been trained in the required techniques and will ensure that your ceiling looks as good as new.

For a no obligation quote about any cleaning needs feel free to call Envy Cleaning Solutions on 1300201341.  When it comes to commercial cleaning we’ve got your covered.