Simple Cleaning Strategies to Make Commercial Cleaning More Effective.

Simple Cleaning Strategies to Make Commercial Cleaning More Effective.

Cleaning commercial premises is a necessary business cost that when done properly can give your business an advantage over your competitors.  As with many business practices, it is the little things that make all the difference.  Paying attention to the little details of commercial cleaning can pay big dividends in terms of the overall appearance of your commercial premises.

Care of your cleaning equipment should be given priority.  Vacuum cleaners are a prime example.  Little things make all the difference to their cleaning efficiency.  Regular checking for partial blockages of air flow can help keep the vacuum cleaner running at optimum performance.  Similarly, ensuring that the vacuum cleaner bags are emptied and ready to go for the next cleaning session will ensure that vacuuming time is spent vacuuming.

Heavy duty super absorbent doormats can help to prevent large quantities of moisture from being tramped into the building.  Of course, some dirt and mud will inevitably make its way in.  When it does, a cleaning agent that has a pleasant odour will help to combat any nasty odours.

Keeping the interior air clean and pure is a constant battle and it may require the assistance of an expert commercial cleaner to deliver the best results, but there are some simple strategies that you can use to help.

  • Microfibre cloths are better choices for dusting.  Traditional dusters remove dust from surfaces and often transfer dust particles into the air.  Microfibre dusters are more likely to absorb and hold the dust.  This contributes to better air quality.
  • Make sure that air vents are kept clear from obstruction.  Air flow can be disrupted and have a negative impact on temperature and air quality.
  • Clean up water spills immediately.  Microbes love water and if given the chance will quickly form mould or fungus. When these microbes become airborne, they have a negative impact upon air quality.
  • Observe and police no smoking policies.
  • Make sure all food is stored properly.  It seems obvious and should be, but bad habits can lead have serious consequences.  Ensure that no food stuffs are left on desks or in drawers. Clean refrigerators regularly.
  • Have a regular garbage disposal program.

To ensure that you get the most from your commercial cleaning, call Envy Cleaning Solutions to arrange for a consultation  to discuss all of your cleaning requirements.

Preventing slippages in the commercial kitchen


Commercial kitchens are going to be subject to numerous spillages in their day to day operations.  Spillages create hazards in the form of contamination risks and slippages – and it is imperative that kitchen staff act promptly to remove the potential hazard.

It’s important to remember that some liquid spills are potentially more hazardous than others.  These spillages are usually the most difficult to remove as they usually contain grease and oil.  It is therefore essential to ensure that the kitchen not only has the right equipment to clean up the mess, but staff are sufficiently trained to use the equipment appropriately.

A fast and effective way to remove spills of a general nature is to use absorbent pads.  Some of these pads can speed up the cleaning process through a process known as bioremediation This  remove infectious germs and other contaminants by naturally altering the environment.

Prevention is always better than cure and  it is possible to take steps in storage and transportation processes to prevent spillages.   One simple strategy is to use furniture felt as an effective means of  increasing the friction of surfaces where stock is stored. This material is manufactured from needle-punch synthetic fibre and has a thickness of 450 grams per square metre, and it is able to absorb any type of solid or liquid spillage. Furniture felt is also easy to clean in water and is able to be re-used repeatedly. Industrial rags are an alternative solution that that is both cost effective and provides maximum coverage. They are a a cost-effective way to help with packing, surface protection and spill cleaning. They are a versatile answer to any transportation or storage related spill.

One area to be particularly careful around is kitchen equipment and machinery.  Proper cleaning of all machinery must be a part of any commercial kitchen cleaning routine.  Manual cleaning can be a time consuming process.  One alternative is to investigate the use of hot spray wash cleaning machines. These machines can be custom built to suit any workplace.

Whatever your commercial cleaning needs are, it may pay to consult with a professional cleaning company that can help you to ensure that your commercial kitchen cleaning is both cost effective and meeting the highest standards.

Envy Cleaning Solutions is a Melbourne based commercial cleaning company with a proud history of working with commercial kitchen owners across the suburban area.  Give us a call today to discuss your cleaning requirements.

Managing Air Pollutants Inside and Outside Your Commercial Building in Melbourne

Indoor Air Quality describes quality of air within and around buildings, particularly as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. Understanding common indoor pollutants and how to control them can help improve the overall health environment of building occupants.

Indoor air pollutants  can cause adverse health effects immediately or years later.

The health effects can range from the uncomfortable to the seriously debilitating.

Many pollutants can be identified and easily removed.  These include such materials as building material like asbestos, some furniture made of certain pressed wood products, new carpet or upholstery, chemical cleaning products and excess moisture.  Where it becomes a little more problematic is the control of air quality.

Managing air quality is a critical facet in ensuring the health and safety of your workers.
Here are some steps you can take to manage the improvement of air quality.

  • Assess the current state of air quality and develop plans to address any identified issues.
  • Arrange to educate and train staff about air quality issues and develop air pollutant source management strategies where appropriate.
  • Pro-actively manage any potential air pollutants including such things as chemical pest control, smoking, remodelling materials and exhaust fumes on loading bays etcetera
  • Consider appointing  an in-house air quality rep to be responsible for all indoor air quality issues.
  • Manage indoor floor space to ensure regular air flow throughout the building.
  • Involve all staff in the monitoring of air quality.

Of course, maintaining a clean safe environment for your workforce requires professional input.  Envy Cleaning Solutions is a Melbourne based Commercial Cleaning company that has a proven track record in providing total cleaning solutions for a variety of commercial cleaning clients.  Call us today to discuss your clean air requirements well as all your cleaning needs.

How Commercial Cleaners Can Help Schools Improve Learning results 

How Commercial Cleaners Can Help Schools Improve Learning results 

Schools present a unique set of cleaning challenges and the benefits of engaging commercial cleaners to get the job done properly are many.   Health and safety of teachers and students alike, financial savings and and morale are key benefits that any school cleaning program should deliver.

Let’s look at why a commercial cleaning company is the wisest choice for any school.

  1. Full and complete service.  You can rely upon a commercial cleaning company to provide the full range of cleaning services as  agreed every day.  A commercial cleaning company will provide an agreed structured format that will meet your specific requirements.  They will also have the correct checking and review processes to  ensure that you get the level of service that you are promised.
  2. Responsible and Environmentally Sound Cleaning.  Quality commercial cleaning companies have taken the steps to go green.  They know what to use, how they work,  and in what quantities they should be applied.  You can rest assured that a responsible commercial cleaner will use safe clean and green products wherever possible.
  3. Improved Morale  Both students and teachers will appreciate a consistent level of cleanliness.  There’s nothing worse than trying to teach or learn while putting up with a strange odour or unsightly stain.  Commercial cleaners will ensure that these instances are few and far between.
  4. Screened Cleaning Staff  Professional commercial cleaners put much time and effort into training and selecting staff.  All cleaners will be screened too ensure that only suitable personnel are engaged.
  5. Free up funds for other purposes.  When you sit down and do the sums you will find that commercial cleaners will actually save you money compared to running your own in house school cleaning program.  You will no longer need to allocate funds for cleaning wages, superannuation, cleaning supplies or cleaning equipment.  These funds can be re-targeted to areas that are going to benefit your students more.

When you take the time to analyse the benefits of commercial cleaning you can see a solid argument that taking the step to engage a commercial cleaner will deliver direct benefits to your schools which should result in increased learning capability.

Envy Cleaning Solutions are a Melbourne based commercial cleaning service that  can cater for all school cleaning requirements.  To discuss your school cleaning requirements call Envy today on 1300201341

Reducing Office Clutter Helps Make Cleaning More Effective

Reducing Office Clutter Helps Make Cleaning More Effective

We live in an amazingly busy time and the demands of everyday business life make it difficult to complete control of everything. With these ongoing demands, its easy to overlook things and allow little sloppiness to creep in.  There’s an old saying that the standard you walk past is the one you accept.  While it’s easy to let little things go, they can cause major ongoing problems.  One such little inconvenience is office clutter.

Clutter creates havoc, makes cleaning difficult and can seriously reduce office efficiency.  It’s time to take control of the office clutter problem and use a strategy that will improve your overall office efficiency as well as improve the overall cleanliness of the place.

Here’s a simple 4 step strategy to help you to take control of your office clutter.

  1. Bin what you don’t need.  A common trap is to file documents away that you will never have any use for.  If it is of no use today and there is  no reason to keep it – bin it,  Be ruthless in this regard.
  2. Share and redistribute what may be required by others. If you’re holding something that someone else may need – give it to them – get it off your desk and in to the hands of those that need it.
  3. Take immediate action on what you can.  Shuffling papers is procrastinating and procrastination is terribly inefficient.  Get things moving by acting quickly and decisively.
  4. File what you will need in the future but have no immediate use for.  Make sure you have an easy to follow filing system with a follow up system that will help you find items when you need to.

Adhering to this system will deliver you three key benefits – increase office efficiency, improve the office environment and make cleaning that much easier – which should of course result in a cleaner, more hygienic office.

Envy Cleaning Solutions are known to be one of Melbourne’s very best office cleaning businesses.

We are available to assist in all aspects of commercial cleaning and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your commercial cleaning requirements with you.  Call us today on 1300201341to arrange a free consultation at a mutually convenient time.

Cleaning Tiled Floor Surfaces Melbourne

Cleaning Tiled Floor Surfaces

Tiled floor surfaces can look great and present a wonderfully professional image, particularly when first installed.  However, as with all interior surfaces, time and effort needs to be put into maintaining tiled floor surfaces in a good clean state.  To give you a one size fits all solution to cleaning tiled floor surfaces is not effective as the range and variety of floor surfaces requires expertise and know how.

Recent technological trends have seen a lot of non slip tiles being installed.  Obviously, these non slip surfaces have great health and safety benefits as they help to prevent slippage and resultant injury.  While the benefits of non slip tiles are obvious, there is a down side and that is non slip tiles take much more effort to keep clean.

The very nature and texture of non slip tiles makes them a potential grease and grime trap.  Without prompt attention, there is potential for these tiles to become a breeding ground for bacteria.  They can become unsightly and even odorous.  The potential is increased even further in wet areas like wash rooms and kitchen areas.

In addition to the new non slip tiles, there are chemical treatments that can be applied to existing tiled surfaces   These treatments facilitate chemical etchings on the floor surface drilling microscopic holes in the tile.  Again the cleaning problems associated with these types of altered surfaces need to be understood before attempting to keep them clean.  Traditional mopping techniques won’t be sufficient to reach the pores created in the tiles.

Methods that have seen some success include machine scrubbing, specialised hard floor cleaning products and high pressure washing.  However, the most effective way to clean these surfaces in the  majority of cases is to utilise microfibre cloths that have the capacity to reach inside the pores of the tile and remove any debris.  However, even with this method there are some drawbacks as the cloths  wear out relatively quickly.

Whatever cleaning method is chosen, a regular floor tile cleaning program must be put in place to ensure that the floor surface remains in a presentable condition.

Envy Cleaning Solutions are  a Melbourne based commercial cleaning company capable of catering for all your floor cleaning requirements.  Call us today on 1300201341 to discuss all your cleaning requirements.

Innovative Environmental Developments in Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Innovative Environmental Developments in Commercial Cleaning 

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of a large proportion of society is very aware of eco- friendly businesses and actions.  Increasingly, people are voting with their wallets for eco-friendly businesses and business practices.

One area that society is only beginning to come to grips with is the effect that cleaning products can have on the environment.  The trend towards cleaner greener cleaning products is one that ois sure to continue for the foreseeable future.

Cleaning chemicals can and do effect the environment.  Chemicals have an impact upon river systems and break down slowly, if at all.  The non biodegradable products remain in the  environment and can get into the food chain.  This may cause all sorts of harmful long term consequences.  It is becoming a necessity that companies take steps to ensure that they use cleaning agents that will have little to no impact upon the environment.

Additionally cleaning chemicals can cause irritation to people in the form of rashes, breathing difficulties and headaches.

Envy Cleaning Solutions take every precaution to ensure that green cleaning products are used in all scenarios.  The industry is evolving and there are some interesting cleaning innovations that are on the horizon that may have even better environmental outcomes.   The problem is that chemicals are included in cleaning problems for a reason – that is that  they work.  While Envy Cleaning is acutely aware of  the problems associated with chemicals we are are first and foremost interested in providing cleaning solutions.  For that reason we are certainly aware of these new cleaning techniques.

  1. Aqueous Ozone Watering System helps to change everyday tap water into a highly effective cleaning method by infusing it with Ozone – a highly effective natural sanitiser
  2. Diamond cleaning pads – used to polish floor services and use no chemicals at all.
  3. Environmentally friendly chewing gum removal products.

The cleaning industry is constantly evolving to meet market demands and the rush is on to deliver cleaner greener solutions for commercial cleaners .  As a leading Melbourne based commercial cleaning service, Envy Cleaning Solutions take a keen interest in new environmentally safer cleaing methodologies.  We are willing and ready to discuss all your cleaning requirements with you.  Give us a call today to arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss all your requirements.

Identify Dangerous Cleaning Trends Before Your Business Suffers

Identify Dangerous Cleaning Trends Before Your Business Suffers

Everybody can be forgiven for having a bad day and no commercial cleaning service can promise to be perfect all the time.  But when a bad day becomes bad days and those days become weeks, it’s fair to say that you have a serious problem.  It’s best to nip the problems in the bud before they really have negative consequences for your business.

Here are some dangerous trends to  be on the lookout for.

Noticeable People Issues

People are the foundation stone of all good businesses.  Good systems, procedures and equipment all help, but people issues can throw a gigantic spanner in the works. While a commercial cleaner’s HR problems are not yours – they will manifest in poor performance. Be on the lookout for a consistent stream of new faces performing cleaning duties as  well as apathy and indications of disgruntlement.  When you notice a drop off in training it may be an indicator that poor performance is about to follow.

Equipment Issues

Modern cleaning equipment is cleaner, greener and more economical.  Use of modern cleaning equipment reduces cleaning hours and resultant cleaning costs.   A cleaning company that relies upon old outdated equipment is costing you money as well as running the risk of breakdowns.


Professional cleaning companies should guarantee a consistent standard of performance.  When things tend to fray at the edges, it’s a sure sign that the cleaning company is beginning to lose focus.  Sure, there will be the occasional day where mistakes happen or things get overlooked.  But, when you no longer know what to expect from your cleaners there is a clear problem.

Poor Response Times

Errors occur.  We are all human. How people respond when an error occurs tells you more about the  business then the error itself does. Lets be clear if they pay you lip service and promise to get things fixed but don’t deliver – there’s a massive problem.  Of course, when they don’t respond to issues you raise you have a problem.  If they don’t care neither should you.  Find someone who does.

Nothing runs smoothly all the time.  Mistakes do happen but when poor service becomes an issue, its time to move on and  find a cleaning company that will deliver the cleaning quality that you expect.  Envy Cleaning Solutions take pride in the level of service that we deliver.  We  ensure that our people are trained to deliver quality cleaning services and will structure a cleaning regime that will suit your business.

If you are looking for a professional cleaning company in Melbourne that you can rely upon, contact us today on 1300201341

Commercial  Cleaning Melbourne Best Practices 

Commercial  Cleaning Best Practices 

What does cleaning best practice even mean and how can you be assured that you are receiving best practice in your cleaning service?

What needs to be borne in mind from the start is that any cleaning service is only as good as the people who work for them.  To get the best performance out of people, cleaning companies need to put considerable time and effort into creating a  human resources system that is both professional and consistent.  All elements of people management must be first class – hiring, screening, ongoing training and most importantly, management.  It doesn’t stop there, active employee retention strategies must be pursued to ensure that all staff are motivated and engaged in their job.  The people factor is all important – without committed, trained and engaged people a cleaning company cannot hope  to deliver cleaning best practice.

Going hand in hand with the people management is the next pillar in cleaning best practice – transparent pricing.  Transparent pricing means exactly what it says.  Clearly understandable pricing that allows you to understand exactly what you are purchasing. Office cleaning bids should be sufficiently precise to allow you to compare competing bids.  They also should be sufficiently precise to enable you to hold your commercial cleaning company to account for the work that they have promised to do.

The next plank in best practice commercial cleaning is where in some respects, the rubber hits the road.  It’s a commitment to consistent responsive service. Its an easy thing to say- quite another to demonstrate.  Look for cleaning companies who have clear communication and complaint resolution strategies in place, as well as some sort of inspection regime to ensure that everything is being maintained to standard.

The final plank in providing best practice cleaning services is to be committed to occupational health and safety.  OH&S has many facets and a committed company will be proactive in its management to ensure that all cleaning procedures adhere to current standards.  Naturally, all chemicals will be appropriately handled and used.

Envy Cleaning Solutions are committed to providing the best possible commercial cleaning practices.  To arrange a consultation please call 1300 201 341.

The Importance of A Clean Meeting Room

The Importance of A Clean Meeting Room

Meeting rooms are where big decisions are often made and you need to take every step to ensure that the meeting room environment is going to be as conducive as possible to good decision making. The little things can often make all the difference in a meeting room. The last thing you need is key decision makers to be distracted by annoying traces of dirt or dust or a stale odour that just won’t go away.
Engaging a commercial cleaner will help keep the meeting rooms in a state that will help the meeting environment. Here are some things to consider about the cleanliness of your meeting room.

• When we think clean, we don’t just think about what a room looks like. Often the smell of a room can betray the overall cleanliness of the area. Because meeting rooms may not be used as often as other areas, it is easy to think that they will remain clean. However lack of use can often result in a stale odour emanating from the room and that odour could effectively kill the meeting before it even starts. Thought should be given to installing something that will neutralise such smells.

• Some meetings are longer than others and inevitably it may be necessary to provide food to meeting participants. A clear strategy to deal with leftovers must be in place to ensure that the room remains germ free and free of stale food odours. Removing food quickly from the meeting room will help to prevent vermin from being attracted to the room

• Regular vacuuming and dusting must be maintained regardless of meeting room use. Otherwise, dust will settle and detract from the overall ambience of the room.

• Meeting room furniture should be comfortable but remain easy to clean. Chairs can often harbour crumbs and other detritus. Careful selection of your office furniture will reduce this.

While, viewed in isolation these cleaning considerations may seem self evident, it is easy to overlook these aspects when Meeting Rooms are not used constantly. Ideally, engaging a commercial cleaning company to perform all of your business cleaning is the best strategy to ensure quality cleaning of your premises.

Envy Cleaning Solutions is a Melbourne based commercial cleaning company that has developed a sound reputation for servicing all commercial premises. To discuss your cleaning requirements call 1300201341 today to arrange a consultation at a time suitable to you.