Why a commercial cleaning company in melbourne is better than an individual cleaner

8th of January 2018

Why a commercial cleaning company in melbourne is better than an individual cleaner

Why a commercial cleaning company is better than an individual cleaner

Office cleaners often conjure up images of small one person enterprises, working diligently to keep the premises clean.  Unfortunately, the one man enterprise cleaning business is usually way out of its depth when it comes to cleaning commercial premises.

Regardless of how good any particular individual is,a cleaning company has the flexibility and capacity to deliver a more efficient and ultimately more reliable level of service.  This is by no means meant to denigrate one person cleaners, many of whom do great work.  However, a commercial cleaning company has the flexibility that allows it to cope with all eventualities.

There is a common misconception “that almost anybody” with a mop and a broom can perform cleaning duties. This misconception can lead to big dramas in the workplace when it comes to cleanliness and occupational health and safety.  Simply put, proper office cleaning involves much more than dusting furniture and sweeping floors.  You need a cleaner that can deliver all aspects of cleaning on time every time.

And that’s where a commercial cleaning company  like Envy Cleaning Solutions has all the answers. Commercial cleaners have the necessary staff levels to cater for sickness and holidays.  You can be assured that all commercial cleaning staff are appropriately trained to clean to desired standards in all facets of cleaning including, dusting, sweeping, mopping, polishing, restrooms, kitchen areas, ceilings and any other cleaning duty you care to name.

Not only can you rely upon a commercial cleaning company to clean when you want them to, you can be assured that they will use the right cleaning equipment to get the job done right the first time. Besides the reliability of commercial cleaners, this is the most significant advantage that they have over the small one man operation.  Commercial cleaners will have the right equipment ranging from pressure cleaners, to purpose built floor polishers.  The equipment may only be required once or twice a year, but when it’s needed, it’s there and most importantly people will know how to use it safely and efficiently.

Commercial cleaning is an important element of any business and to place responsibility for it in the hands of one person can represent an unnecessary risk.  To be assured of quality reliable cleaning services that are appropriately priced, you simply can’t go past a commercial cleaning company.

Envy Cleaning Solutions are experienced commercial cleaning contractors that have developed a sound reputation throughout the Melbourne area.   We would love to hear from you if you need to discuss your commercial cleaning requirements.  Contact us today on 1300201341.