Bond Cleaning

16th of May 2016

Bond Cleaning

Melbourne’s Most Thorough End of Lease Cleaning Service

When someone moves out of a rental property, there is a lot to consider. Besides packing all of your things and relocating them, there is the matter of getting your bond back. They say cleanliness is next to godliness, and this is exactly what your landlord will expect of you when you leave their property.

With all the headaches you already have to deal with, why not let Envy Cleaning Solutions take care of this one for you? Our end of lease cleaning services have been the saving grace of many tenants from various parts of the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, including Aspendale, Brighton and Elwood. We have done for all sorts of work in both houses and offices, and we can do all of that, and more, for you too.

The importance of properly cleaning your rented home

In order to ensure that you get your bond back, your property must be completely clean, and we mean immaculate. Your landlord will go through the property with a fine tooth comb, and they won’t miss a thing. But don’t fret, that’s what our first rate cleaning service in Melbourne is here for. Everything from the state of the bedroom, the bathroom, the carpet, the laundry and the living room will be looked after by us. It will look all shiny and new, like it was the day you first moved into the house.

Envy Cleaning Solutions have been doing this line of work around Melbourne for a long time, so you can trust us with making sure everything looks spick and span. Tenants around Aspendale, Elwood and Brighton have been most grateful for helping them get their bond back in full. If you have any enquiries about our service, feel free to call us at 0474 130 008.